Posted by: Toni | March 18, 2008

Did you miss me?

It seems like forever without internet access…..haven’t been online since Thursday, mid-day til this morning and my inbox showed it!!!

Well, I didn’t accomplish my 3 projects on my weekend get away, but I did make one pillow case and finish the blocks I need to complete a top (and finished putting the last 2 rows together this morning before work).

So, let’s start off with the filling up of the van. Keep in mind my husband didn’t think we would need to remove the back 2 seats – thank goodness I thought better and removed them. 4 sewing machines, 1 cooler, 4 suitcases and SEVERAL sewing supply/project bags each – we had a fully loaded down van:


We had such a WONDERFUL time, TONS of food and dolphins playing all day on Saturday right outside our hotel ocean front. What a sight to watch the sunrise with hundreds of dolphins playing. It was incredible! Unfortunately, cameras didn’t pick them up, but we saw them all day.


We did the touristy thing and saw the Hatteras Light House, visit a local craft shop, and visited a nice quilt shop on the way down and again on the way back….we love Nancy’s Calico Patch! Unfortunately, the Barefoot Quilter was closed when we swung by it, but now we know where it is.


I wanted a irish chain for my flip flop batik I have been holding on to since last summer – and going to the beach it seems an appropiate project to work on this past weekend….wanna see the last picture taken (right now, 3 rows are all together, and the last 2 rows are individually done). It was originally suppose to be 3 x 4 blocks, but ended up adding more to make it as nice size beach blanket.

Flip Flops in a Chain

I don’t have a picture of my very fun, beachy feely pillow case – but I’ll do that this evening.

We all laughed soo hard and had a few opinionated moments, but just loved the weekend and friendship that came out of it. We are already talking about making this an annual thing. L-R Me, Jackie, Cheryl, and Judy


Florida is next on my travel list to visit a friend – though it doesn’t involve quilting things, it does involve the beach!



  1. Ok – what I can’t figure out is how you put four people in that van if you took out all the seats except for the front seat LOL! I presume you didn’t tie two of you to the roof, so I’m guessing you took another car with no trunk space?

    Quilt retreats are the very best!

    LOL…well we have a 7 passenger van and had to remove the 3 seats in the very back for all our stuff. I don’t think my friends would have appreciate the tie on option 😀 but maybe next time I’ll suggest it, because it seems like we kept forgetting things we should have brought. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Sounds like you had lots of fun. I know how you feel about the blogging thing. When I can’t get on the Internet for whatever reason, to get to my blog, I get frustrated or panicy. LOL

    LOL….I think I get more worried that I have TONS of catching up and reading to do in my favorite blogs! Thanks! I did have such a blast!

  3. Just love that Irish chain — purple and orange! A batik with flip flops, how cool is that?

    I know! Isn’t it just soo fun! I can’t wait to actually finish it. I wanted the flip flops to really stand on their own, because I just loved the fabric.

  4. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I’m jealous! I’m on a very strict budget these days until we close on a house. No more new quilting projects for me. Booo!

    I understand and closing on a house is MUCH more important! I’m excited for you!!

  5. Your quilting retreat sounds very fun and I think you did well with the sewing.

    Thanks, it was fun and while I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to do, I’m tickled with what I did do!

  6. Yes – I missed you ! Sounds like a great time was had by all. I love dolphins – lucky you ! The irish chain is fantastic – I would never have thought of using those fabrics but they look amazing. Enjoy Florida !

    Ahhhh, thanks Andrea! Thank you on the Irish Chain, it was a visual challenge, but the goal was to show off the flip flips and I thought this pattern was the best way to do that. I will enjoy Florida. My friend has it all planned out!

  7. Welcome Back! From the smiles on everyone’s faces I can see that a great time was had by all. If I went to the beach for a quilting retreat I can guarantee you that nothing would get sewn. I just love the beach! Have fun in Florida!! I have a sister down there so get to go there quite often.

    Thanks Rose! We had such a wonderful time. I’m ready to go back too 🙂

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