Posted by: Toni | March 5, 2008

Have you had your Iron today?

Well, following Libby’s lead from last week Su Bee wants to see and hear the details of our irons now. I of course love my new iron and posted a picture of it last week, but I’ll do it again and share the specifics about it!


Yah, know I haven’t named him….mmmm, and I use him alot. How about Mr. Limey!? I love it!

I got Mr. Limey at Target and he was about $39. I have learned I love Teflon coated bottoms and look at all the steam holes! There are actual ridges in the bottom as well to aid in the heat/steam distribution. I also prefer ones with cords that are easily out of the way, especially being left handed with irons it’s a pain. So, this cord is very LONG and flexible.

The only thing that drives me batty is the 8 minute automatic turn off feature, but on the positive it heats up very quickly 10-30 seconds.


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