Posted by: Toni | March 2, 2008

Have you met my machines?

Well, I have upgraded to a new embroidery machine. It’s the one I originally wanted but couldn’t afford. Now, with a wonderful boss I have the opportunity to own my own!

First meet my old wonderful embroidery machine, a 8500 Brother. 8 years old, but works nicely for smaller projects and about to go on eBay:


Here’s my new embroidery machine, a Designer 1 and her name is Dazzie and only 4 years old:

Here are my other machines. Sazzy my 870Q Sapphire and Sally my Serger. I love all my machines!!

dsc04950.JPG dsc04952.JPG

Oh and if you are curious….my spiffy Sebring Convertible is called Saffie:


What names do you call your favorite toys?



  1. My current car doesn’t have a name…no names have spoken to me, so she’s nameless. My last two cars were Magic (a ’97 midnight blue Accord) and Charlie (an ’87 light blue Accord).

    My Sapphire’s name is Jöran. My ’51 Singer’s name is Jenny. The laptop is Webster. Haven’t named the desktop for some reason…

  2. Lucky You!!! I bet you are so happy!!! That is such a nice machine! I have enough trouble trying to name all of my animals on our farm, I’m still trying to come up with a name for the new horse. Actually, I have several machines but my last one was my favorite and it’s name was Maggie, I haven’t named the new one yet. My cars name is Jemima and hubby’s truck is named Old Bertha, which is a 4X4 and we have a 2 wheel drive truck that looks just like it and it’s name is Baby Bert!

    Have fun with your new machine!

  3. I think I name everything. My sewing machine is Bernie, the longarm was recently renamed Lola, my computers are MJ and LEO (with each hard drive named after a Peanuts character) and my car is Fritz. My Saturn was named Lucy (may she rest in peace :D) and I have a habit of naming the project I’m working on. Like my recent wearable was named Myrtle (for MiRTT, which has been changed, but nonetheless)

  4. Congrats on the new toy! Can’t wait to see some of the fun you are having with the new machine.

  5. My machine doesn’t have a name – it was my mother’s and my grandmother’s before that, so I don’t quite feel like it’s my place to name it.
    I do name plenty of other things though…
    My laptop: Suzy
    My truck: Bruce
    My motorcycle: Shirley
    My cactus: Napolean
    My hydrangea (that I’m in denial is dead): Heidi
    My strawberry plant: Steve Jr.
    My camera: Toy
    My coffee canister: The Missile
    Previous cars have been Mark (my civic of seven years), and J’s current car is Charli – his old cars have been Jade, Micaela, Frankie, and I dunno if his red one had a name…I named his folks’ new Yaris Frances =)
    And various other things…

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