Posted by: Toni | February 28, 2008

Ironing boards anyone?

Seems this morning reading through my google reader, there are lots of ironing boards–so doing what the cool kids do and visited Libby’s blog, I took a picture of mine. I don’t think I have ever done that.

Let me share some details. It was my grandmothers. It’s cast iron and HEAVY. The top is a metal mesh with a new snazzy iron board cover that is awsome in reflecting the heat, so you can turn down your iron – and won’t ever scorch. And I got my new lime iron from Target. It’s wonderful! I do want to get a “big” board one day = which might be sooner after reading Paula’s ironing board details.


I also play with my new addiction on my daughter’s TINY jeans…..ya know how hard it is to center a hoop on a size 7 girls pant leg? Oh well, she was tickled with the results. I put the heart on the back leg, which confused her LOL:


I’m off to get ready for work with my new hair do! Should take a new picture of myself!



  1. Yes, Toni, we need a photo of that new hair!!! πŸ™‚ I can’t imagine doing embroidery on size 7 jeans!!! I think that would be hard to get the hoop in there! They look wonderful! I’m sure she is very proud of them.

  2. Cast iron ironing board?!?! Wow — I’ve never heard of such a thing. Your cover sounds great. I did invest in a large ironing board that opens over a table — it has a grid, too. I love it, it’s worth every penny.

  3. I’ve taken pictures of my ironing board…granted, it had quilt blocks on it at the time but you know. πŸ˜€

    Now get a picture of that hair do up and running, ya hear?

  4. I want to see the hair also! πŸ˜€ Are you embroidering on the jeans by hand? Too cute!!

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