Posted by: Toni | February 24, 2008

So much to share…..

I will be posting a few times today, hope ya’l don’t mind.

First this post is all about me – next post is all about the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.

I finished that purple thing for my daughter. Well, as I was taking the picture with my wonderful husband as a quilt hanger, I noticed the top border was put on upside-down…doh. So, I told my daughter I need to rip it out and reattach. She did not like that and said no, leave it and get it quilted. She’s very impatience. So, she’s away this morning and I’m going to sneakily rip it out and resew it on. Then I’m going to piece the backing and see if I can have it quilted at work. Here’s what it currently looks like:


Now, I’m SOOO hooked on using my embroidery machine on my jeans I did another pair just to wear on my road trip yesterday. I love celtic work and we are using it in our next month’s embroidery club. I’m not too happy with how the variegated thread worked, but live and learn. the tree again is the front left leg and the smaller design, moon is the back of the right leg. Here’s what I did:

I have one of 3, curtains done now. It was the big one and think it came out swell. Hope to finish one more today and wait for the pink skulls to show up so I can make one of a different color. Please ignore the cobwebs in the before picture. I haven’t washed/dusted since early fall and we get so much dust here. It definitely changes the atmosphere of this large room and makes me very happy!


I’m going to take a few more pictures of all my new things from the quilt show and prepare those pictures as well. Again, I’ll be posting more later today.



  1. Love the purple! I had to actually look twice to see what was upside down. I have done the same thing with basket handles! Only mine was quilted before I noticed it and that was a mess trying to redo it then, but I did!

    I really like the embroidery that you did on the jeans! Nice idea! What kind of embroidery machine do you have?? I only have a small one, the Disney Brother, I like it real well, it just doesn’t do a very big design. Right now, I can’t afford to get a bigger one.

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