Posted by: Toni | February 21, 2008

Another webring added…

I’m joining a group of folks who are all taking up the Civil War Dairies and Civil War Love Letters blocks. I currently run a club at my shop monthly where we are making small projects out of the blocks, mainly using paper piecing techniques. I could start making pdf files and sharing what I create here as well. One customer asked for 9″ blocks done on a few to make a table topper, so I’m working on that as well.

I have done a mini table runner already in these blocks:


I’ll start working on next month’s project and blocks in the next few days!



  1. The center block is really stunning! Actually, I like the whole runner, but the center block makes me Ooohhh.

  2. Your blocks are very nice. For some reason I have no desire to do the Civil war blocks or the Dear Jane blocks. I must be weird or something as everyone seems to be doing them.

  3. I love it!!! Actually I just ordered the Civil War Diaries book and cd last night!!! I can’t wait to get it.

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