Posted by: Toni | January 31, 2008

The mail man loves me. . .

well the ones at the post office. I’ve decided to add a new rule to Manic Monday Offerings, mailings will be done at the end of each month – it works much easier budget wise for me.

So, I think I have caught up with everyone, even a few of those I missed over the past 5 months (I’m soo sorry folks). I hope everyone enjoys their new stash 😀

I got my second Quilter’s Home magazine in the mail today (I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE!) and I’ve been anal about keeping all my previous issues taken very good care of storing them and this magazine today made me cry 😦 it’s all torn up thanks to some post office machine being greedy and hungry. Positive thing is we are now carrying them at the shop–so, I’ll read what I can but purchase a new one when they come in at work. I’m still very sad to see Mark’s face all torn up, but at least I can read the inside….ok, as I turn the pages, I can’t read the first 8 pages or so….WHAaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……wanna see:


OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE’S AN ARTICLE ABOUT PIRATES (ok, it’s about doing quilting professionally, but it uses pirates)!!! Darn, I need to make Mark Lipinski aware of my “pirating blog” 😀 LOL I know what article I’m reading first….


“Mark dreamed of being a quilting pirate.”……hello, I AM The Quilting Pirate!! LOL



  1. Arrrr!

  2. I thought of you when I saw that article and wondered if he got the inspiration from meeting you in Houston! 🙂

    Also, received the thread today. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can’t wait to use it 🙂 (and thank you for the little something extra! way cool!)

  3. I wish there was a way to leave comments directly from bloglines or Google reader. :/


    Sorry about the condition of the magazine…it was a great cover picture, too!

  4. Don’t buy a new copy of the magazine…save your money. Get on the phone and call the QH 800# for customer service. If you call them and explain that the PO mangled your issue, most likely they will send you a replacement. I’ve done that with other magazines in the past a few times, and never had a problem getting a replacement.

  5. Hey Toni,

    Not sure how to send you email from your site now and no time to figure it out just now. I did want to tell you that my manic monday winning arrived safe and sound yesterday and to tell you thank you.

    My husband was amazed, he said it cost you more to mail it that if I went to buy it and how nice that was……he is right! Take care, NORMA

  6. Toni, I love the new look of your blog!!
    Did I ever tell you that I ordered the pink quilting pirate fabric that you posted way back when and I made a scarf out of it to wear on my 60 mile walk? Our team was the Pink Pirates. I made my daughter a knitting pirate scarf (she’s a knitter) out of the fabric that’s exactly the same as the quilting one but has knitting needles instead of scissors.

  7. Here you go, Toni….Mark Lipinski has a blog.
    His blog is a riot! Let ‘er rip…I bet he’ll love that you are both pirates!

    I just bought that issue yesterday (2/9), my first. I’ve nearly read it from cover to cover!


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