Posted by: Toni | January 23, 2008

A day off…..

I would love to have a day off with no kids or hubbys home….unfortunately it was not today.

Alls good though, because I still accomplished a lot with general cleaning around and laundry (which is still going) and I do have most of tomorrow off as well!

So, now I’m getting ready to “hit” my sewing area and see what I can finish up. I have so many things I want to do, unsure where I’m to start.

But ya’l ove pictures, so here’s a few I haven’t shown ya. First one is a better picture of my Fall Dresdens – which I have decided to have hand done by a friend whom I trust and have seen her work – very excited!

And this little table runner I finished the top around December 8th, but didn’t finish it in time for my friend’s birthday, so i’ll give it to her for Vday. She just painted her house the green and red that is in these fabrics, the backing I’m using is a tonal red print. I might get it quilted tonite.

Off I go. . . .



  1. the fall Dresden quilt looks wonderful!
    hand quilting on this will be great!
    Cute table runner, what a nice present.
    Great fabrics!

  2. oooo the flowers are lovely!

  3. Love the fall Dresden quilt. The table runner looks great!

  4. They’re both gorgeous!!! The Dresdens look awesome, with the different colors making different aspects pop! I’ve never seen one made like that, and I really like the effect. I might have to do something like that in blue and white, like snowflakes…

    I like the simple lines of the runner. Did you do inset seams, or are they pieced like regular ones but you can’t see the seam in the picture?

  5. Hubbys? You get two? 😉

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