Posted by: Toni | January 14, 2008

I did some cleaning this weekend….

While I’m still a long way from my “dream” sewing studio, I at least have cleaned up and de-cluttered a huge area of fabric, notions and space. Hubby hung my design wall – YAH – I removed 3 large black trash bags of fabric, 3 small plastic bags of threads, and several organizing shelves/boxes. I really just had too much stuff. (don’t fret, there is still plenty for Manic Mondays!)

Ok, I didn’t “dust” or wash the walls yet – I’m still hacking/coughing with all the dust and fabric fibers flying around.

Oh wait, decided to change a hangy thingy. . . .

Next will be removing a couch and a long coffee table out of this area, so I can bring in another table to butt up behind my sewing cabinet to use as storage and support for larger quilts when I need it.

I have done a little sewing, but I was focused on taking care of my area to feel better organized.



  1. You have been busy! It is nice to see where everyone sews. Right now, I have to sew at the kitchen table due to lack of space. We are building a new house and my sewing room will be 20×20 and just for ME. I can’t wait!!!

  2. Oh how I envy the space you have. My sewing room is actually in the living room because we just have a tiny three room farmhouse. Unbelievably the new machine quilting frame is set up in the middle of the room (which also serves as an office…sigh). I think the Rancher is finally beginning to realize that I really DO need a room of my own 🙂

    Your room looks great! Good for you getting it all organized for the new year.

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