Posted by: Toni | January 14, 2008

A non-quilty post. . . .

I was visiting Random Stitches blog and remember she posted that awsome picture of sunset and I got to thinking I wanted to share my most favorite picture of 2007. While I have tons of sunrises and sunsets from when I was on the ocean during the cruise, from the Key West trip with the hubby, but this one just warms my soul seeing it. I’m so addicted now, I’m planning one cruise in October already and maybe a weekend in April……

I have many other favorites, but this is my laptop background, and it really is an incredible picture – I made it smaller for you all to enjoy 😀



  1. That really is a beautiful picture!

    Btw, your sewing room is looking so great! It must be such a wonderful feeling to be making progress on your studio.

  2. Oh, now I need the beach but to be ON the ocean would really make me happy. Great picture!

  3. That is just breathtaking!

  4. Beautiful. It looks like a painting.

  5. Have you left out of Baltimore? Hubby & I are going to inquire about cruising to Canada – the ship leaves out of Baltimore – so much easier that flying to San Juan first…

  6. Wow. Just wow.

  7. That is a very cool picture, looks like the ship is parked on the sand! My husband and I will be taking an Alaskan cruise in June, we can’t wait.

  8. Oh your photo is absolutely beautiful!

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