Posted by: Toni | January 7, 2008

Sewing and more sewing….

I’ve been sick all weekend….very sick, I think I slept about 16 hours just on Sunday. But I’m starting to feel a little better.

I dug out an UFO that was in my “weekender” pile (I’ve broken my UFO’s down for easier completion) and it worked….I finished a quick top yesterday. I honestly have no clue or desire to keep or who to give this too, but at least it’s off my UFO list and on my Just Tops list now.

And this morning I “whipped” up my challenge block for the shop, can you guess which fabric was the challenge? I’ve had this for 4 weeks, so it was about time I did it.

Next up is my Winter Swap quilt, which should be done by end of week.

Stay tune, Manic Mondays are back and will be posted later today with 3 offerings!



  1. Love you challenge block and you new top. I have to ask how did you break your UFO’s down for easier completion?? I have like a million, so I need some hints.

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