Posted by: Toni | January 7, 2008

Manic Monday Offerings – – ARE BACK!

Winners from last time:
Rose – Binder of Patterns
Beth – 2 Patterns & Storage Thingy

Congrats to both of you!!!

I didn’t get a lot of interest in the 2008 Challenge and will run it one more week to see if anyone comments on that post.

I’m caught up on all my mailings, if I missed you (which could have happened), please email me to let me know.


1. This is free to any good home. I don’t want or need anything in return, but if you feel the need just read my interest post to get ideas.

2. All items are “used”, as in I have either started work on them or pre-washed. Some things might still be in original packaging, but most will not be.

3. All items are stored in a plastic bag in a non-smoker home. I do have cats, so if you are allergic, please be aware to wash items before handling.

4. All items are “as is”.

5. I must be able to “reply” to your comments. All you need to do is under your profile, edit, show email address. You can’t win if I can’t contact you.

6. I will place all commenters from this post in a bowl and have my youngest daughter pick out winners. All drawings will happen on Sunday, winner announced on the following week’s Manic Monday post.

7. If a week as 2 offerings, I will do two drawings. If you do not want to be in both, please state so in your comment.

8. If there are no takers, I will repost the previous week’s ufo until it has a home to go to. The purpose of this is to share and move this stuff out of my house 😀

9. You can comment twice, once for yourself and once for a friend (whom might not blog). So, even if you don’t like these offerings, you might know someone who will!

10. If shipping is going to be over $5.00 for your package, I will ask you (nicely of course) to please pre-pay for the shipping costs before I mail your winnings to you.

Here are this week’s offerings.

Offer #1:
Sample Notions

2 labels and a sample package of Thangles (which I do love to use). Both unopened packages and notions that are taking up space.

Offer #2:
Quilt Smart Sample – Tessellation Pattern

A Sample of Quilt Smart foundation, enough to do a small wall hanging.

Offer #3:
Yin-Yang Kit

Great pattern with fabric already cut for it. I just don’t have no interest in finishing this UFO.



  1. Oh my goodness! I won again. I have never been so lucky in my entire life. Can’t wait to receive the patterns!!! I have a new GMQ frame so lots of plans for lots of new quilts. The patterns will come in handy! I’ll email you my address in case you no longer have it handy.

  2. just there was a smaller group of commenters last time, so winning odds were small. So, spread the word and share the free stuff 😀

  3. choices choices….would you please enter me in the Yin-Yang kit drawing please?

    I love that you do this. how awesome!

  4. Please put me in for them all!!

  5. Love all of them, please put me in for them all.

  6. Put me down for the book!

  7. oh I would like to be entered into the drawing for either the samples #1 or the yin/yang #3. Thank-you for your generousity.

  8. you have a lot of goals for 2008- hope you are able to reach them-I am just stopping by to catch up with you and say keep on quilting!

  9. please add me to the draw for the yin/yang bag

    am so glad to see you back.

  10. Just popped in to say Hi and Happy New Year. But then just had to comment for Number 3 please – lurrrvveee that! Hope you are feeling better – i see that you’ve not been well.
    All the quilty best for 2008 xka

  11. Gee, maybe 2008 will be my lucky year and I will win one of these. So, we will try again! Happy New Year!

  12. Please count me in for any of them.
    Hope you can meet your goals for 2008. I,too would like to accomplish more in this year but with some upcoming surgery I don’t know how successful I’ll be. However I love to see the achivements of other quilters!

  13. Please put me down for the thangles and the tesselation pattern… can you pull the info off there so I can buy one????

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