Posted by: Toni | December 25, 2007

Quilty Stuff!!

First a very BIG HUGE thank you to my SSCS partner….who ever she may be in the Netherlands….still no clue who it is. This is what she made just for me:

And I have been sewing a little bit and completed 2 more runners – better late than never and I’ll have these in the mail next week.

So, would my SSCS, please step forward and let me know who you are? Thank you again for the beautiful gifts – they will be used!!



  1. I love your gifts they are beautiful. Lucky You!!!

  2. Well here I am. I was your sscs and I am glad you like it and that everything survived the trip.
    Loved making it very much.

  3. Lovely gift!!

    Happy New Year Toni.

  4. How fun and funny that you didn’t even know once you opened your gifts. That is quite the secret.

  5. Beautiful table runners!

  6. Oh your gifts are wonderful. What a neat little box.

  7. Your gifts are beautiful. I love the sewing box.

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