Posted by: Toni | December 19, 2007

Mail stuff….

I keep meaning to and forget, so doing it now before I forget AGAIN! πŸ˜€

First, a few weeks ago I received a wonderful package from my Secret Santa Christmas Swap – I have NO CLUE who it is (they didn’t put in a card), and I haven’t opened the gifts yet…once I do I’ll share pictures and hopefully my sender! πŸ˜€

Second, thank you Ms. Celtic Knots (aka Cathi), I received my little package of goodies and love them both! The key chain went right to work holding my van key and the charm I plan to wear!

Third, out of the total blue today a friend from LJ land sent a gift – it was a fun calendar – but I so needed the special attention today after all the stress I had and still await the arrival of my sister and her kids. (read this to learn more)

Forth, Ms. Sharon surprised me with a card and tea!

So, thank you all for sending the wonderful surprises. They have all arrived at the perfect time I needed them too!

Pictures will be coming….I know you all love pictures!



  1. Loved the runner pattern. How cute?I really need to try that…it does look quick.I am trying to bust up my stash before I leave South Africa in Feb. Not going near as fast as yours seems to be. Colleen

  2. Don’t forget to brew that tea and sip along with me at 3:15!!

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