Posted by: Toni | November 21, 2007

Mailing day. . .

ok was yesterday, but I almost caught up on everyone’s packages. Mail went out yesterday to the following folks:

Cathi (via Oregon)
Kim in HI
Kim in NJ
Rose in NE
Jeanne in CA
Jeanne in Mi
Jennifer in OR
Virginia in PA
May Britt in Norway

YAH!!! The postal dude kinda looked at me weird and $75.00 later I was done. 😀

I still have the following to mail, and plan to do so by end of this week:
Beth in Australia
Christine in Australia

I ran out of packing envelopes – doh. So, again please accept my apologies for being behind, but you Manic Monday Winnings will be sent out soon!

If I left anyone out, please let me know. I want to be catch up before Dec hits!

Thanks again to everyone who reads on Monday! 😀



  1. You shouldn’t have to pay so much money for giving away stuff! Can I send you some Paypal for postage or send a little something from Ireland?

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