Posted by: Toni | October 30, 2007

Houston, here I come. . .

well, in 1 day and a wake up. I actually fly into Austin tomorrow and hang with my friend Anjea, then on Thursday we drive down to Houston!

My boss and co-worker came back today with all sorts of excitement and new things planned for the shop—of course just makes me more excited.

My boss was impressed by the rearranging of bolts we did – we moved entire sections of fabric (over 500 bolts) around to clear more floor space and was very successful! I need to take new pictures!

I’m just chilling and pondering what else I need to do before I leave and it looks like all I have left now is packing – easy enough.

I do plan to take my new laptop and hopefully upload pictures to share. I’m soo ready to go! (minus the packing part)

Again, we are having a meet up at 6:00 pm on Saturday at the Starbucks on the second level if you would like to meet fellow bloggers!



  1. Hope you are having a wonderful time. This show is on my list of things to do someday.

  2. Have a brilliant time ! A couple of friends went from here in UK 2 years ago and had a blast.

  3. Wish I were going to be there so I could meet you in Starbucks – have a coffee for me!

  4. Three days and no pictures. I KNOW you’re having a good time! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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