Posted by: Toni | October 18, 2007

Four Seasons Autumn Swap

The recipient received her quilt and so I can show it off now, I’m very tickled how it turned out and almost kept it for myself…..almost.

I’m so glad Julia enjoyed it. I added a flange to separate the busy-ness of the border and made sure to use lots of my fall fabric I have collected over the years.

Next swap project, my secret santa. I so enjoy doing this little quilts!



  1. How nice, was the embroidery done by hand or machine?

  2. What a gorgeous little quilt. I love the fabric choices.
    I like all your pink “toys”. I wish Apple would make colorful laptops like they used to do. I would love a royal purple one.

  3. Very pretty!

  4. As always, beautiful! Great use of the flange, the top wouldn’t be as striking without it. I see you have some sexy pumkins in your border and backing. Mmm.. Sexy pumpkins!

  5. It’s beautiful Toni. Where did you get the embroidery transfer…or did you make it up yourself???
    I’d love to make something similar and I find it impossible to get embroidery transfers.

  6. What a nice little quilt, love all the fabrics.

  7. Wonderful. I love all the fabrics and the redwork is wonderful!

  8. This is a wonderful fall quilt! I had fun looking at all the fabrics and seeing ones that I have in my stash (or have had since I have used up most of my fall fabrics)

  9. I loved your fall quilt. I liked they way you used the decorative stitch to help with the quilting.

  10. That’s so sweet, Toni. I like the flange and the redwork basket too.

    Dee, I have a link, to tons of iron ons online, that won’t come across in comments on here so if you want to email me from my blog I’d be happy to send it to you!


  11. I have a t-tiny little piece of that backing fabric.. I love it!! Fall is my favorite time of year so I like all things fall 🙂

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