Posted by: Toni | October 17, 2007

Random thoughts….and pictures….

Just an fyi, for Manic Monday winners from last week – I have yet to mail out those winnings and probably won’t mail them til next week, ok? All other Manic Monday winnings are mailed out! As for all the Toni Home Shopping Network folks, all yours were mailed already, so keep your eyes on the mail box by week’s end 😀

Did I mention my new PINK computer….ya know I really don’t like pink or red, but they didn’t offer Lime Green or Purple…darn Dell. So, I’m hip now with my laptop and mouse and even my cell phone all the same pink color…seee….

I’m at home today playing catch up….seems like I do that a lot on Wednesday’s….shoot I forgot about my Wordless Wednesday post…need to do that one as well – I was hoping to post a picture of my complete Autumn swap quilt (that I used in last week’s WW) but the recipient still hasn’t received it.

I’m off the next 2 days and I want to complete a top, get something done off my UFO pile. Still unsure what, but I’ll pull things out here shortly.

I did make blocks for Quilt Pink and took them into the shop – I might have to make more now, we have only 5 total and I would like at least 12 to make a nice size lap quilt. Need to take pictures of what we have right now.

Time to put on some sewing music.



  1. ooo nice…I like it

  2. Enjoy your day off. Hopefully you get lots accomplished. Oh by the way there is nothing wrong with the color pink. 😉

  3. Pink is a lovely colour for a computer! Lime green would have been kind of cool too :))

    I have that mouse pad – I haven’t opened it yet, I didn’t realize it started with November.

    I guess I never posted on what ever post was the problem as I never got any nasty emails :))

  4. I’m working on quilt pink blocks. I have them started. Just been a little more hectic than I expected to be. L( You’ll get them though by the end of the month. Or the ones I get done at least 🙂

  5. Hi Toni!

    I got my stuff from Toni’s Home Shopping Network…thanks!!

    I will be back Monday for the Manic Monday offering…smile!


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