Posted by: Toni | October 15, 2007

Copyright Infrigments. . . .

Ya know ….welcome to the internet! Welcome to he-said, she-said. Welcome to world wide interpretation!

I don’t appreciate getting an email lecturing me on what I can or can’t post. If I share a link to someone else’s blog – that is NOT COPYRIGHT infringement. If I copy word for word someone else’s post and post it in my blog – yes, that is copyright infringement. Not sharing a link.

And for the record, I didn’t share the post in question – just upsets me that being I’m a 10 year vet on the internet, I make and create webpages, that I need to be lectured about copyright infringement.

I do feel badly that I might have done that – and honestly I’m sure I have done it, I’m human not perfect. But to be threaten, is not professional in my book.

But so ya’l know what kind of person I am, I blog to share my accomplishments. I sometimes share other blogs that might have something interesting. I never do anything out of malicious intent or to “steal” from someone else.

While I understand this designer’s upset and I highly respect the copyright laws, I kinda wish she might have handled it a different way – emailing all the commenters that posted to the post in question was totally unprofessional (especially when again, I did nothing). It just set such a negative mood in me for the evening.

(this is just a vent-I don’t wish to state in details all parties involved….I’m all happy now playing with my brand new pink dell laptop)



  1. And you completely lost me here………..what post are you talking about? Sorry it spoiled your day though.

  2. Oh my gosh, what happened? I missed it too.

  3. Do not mind such comments. Of course we can link to another blog. If that person did not want others to know about her blog, then why bother to blog at all.

  4. Oh, I am sorry for you. It’s not nice to be ‘told off’ in any way. Makes you feel like you’re back at school!!! Not nice, but I’m sure it will blow over :O)
    Keep your chin up!!!

  5. Sometimes to assuage another’s issues it’s best to go back and give them what they want. Using the email complaint to edit whatever post is at issue. Post what you originally posted, post what your assailant wants posted, and post how the change was prompted. I’d use quote boxes to separate everything out with bold, italicized titles. Great way to show changes and keep everything on the up and up.

  6. Yes I got the same thing! I was ticked as well. All I did was comment on a posting.

  7. I agree with may britt. Why blog at all if they don’t want to be linked to?

  8. I got a nasty email from the person in question, I believe. I wasn’t impressed…I felt rather attacked, and I just commented. Yikes. It didn’t make me want to buy any of her patterns! (Not that I usually buy patterns anyway, but still.)

  9. I got one of ‘those’ emails too. Took me a while to figure out why, then I realised it was because I commented on a blog post. I filed it!!

  10. I got one of those emails too, and I was so pissed, I had to delete my entire first reply- too angry to send!

    Accusing people of theft when all they have done is post a 3 or 4 word comment on some ELSE’s blog post is not the best idea. I totally get where the designer was coming from, but, she would have been MUCH better served to wait until she was calm before sending those emails.

    Ah, the joys of on-line interaction.

  11. I got one too ! Very abrupt email and unpleasant too. Not a nice thing to get in your inbox !

  12. How sad that one person can go on a rampage and effect so many other people. My thoughts are this if you do not want the whole world knowing your business do not blog about it. Just write in your hardbound, white-paged journals. I ran across a site that actually stated that everything was copyrighted and if you wanted to use anything to contact the person for permission; which I am sure would be gladly given as long as there was a link to the original site.

  13. Toni-Just ignore this person, obviously this person has issues. Everyone knows that linking to another blog is not copyright infringment. I think anyone that reads your blog knows that you are here to share your accomplishments and rid yourself of your UFOs. I hope you don’t let that email change your post.

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