Posted by: Toni | October 5, 2007

Reality on mailing and shipping….

I spent today on shipping 5 packages (2 to the UK, 1 to Australia, 1 to Canada and one to the USA) $60.00 – EPppp….wowsers…I still will continue offering Manic Offerings to everyone, but I might start asking for at least $7.00 for shipping if you are outside the US. How do ya feel about that? Would you least likely to be put into the drawing? I still want to give out free items, but I can see where shipping might hurt me a little.

So, maybe if I keep it to one item a week and for outside of the USA, you have to paid $7 for shipping. Feedback?

I was naive on shipping, but I’m a quick learner 😀

All Manic Mondays winnings are mailed out, the winners of this week’s will NOT have to pay the shipping cost, that will start next week.



  1. Oh wow – that is a lot of money for shipping. I certainly am happy to send you something – and all the time and trouble to do it as well. Just let me know :)))

  2. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, as I know exactly how you feel. I had no real idea how much the postage costs would be when I joined swapbot!

  3. I thought about asking for a self-addressed stamped envelope. That would work for US residents. Shipping rates have become so complicated with this latest increase. You have to determine if you’re using an oversized envelope, or a parcel. And Holy Cow, what a price increase for parcels! Best wishes…

  4. Gee, I can’t imagine anyone would object to covering the postage – you’re probably the only person on the net who’s done it gratis. You have too many good friends to worry about it!

  5. I’m sure most of us overseas will still enter your draws – I definitely will. It is very kind of you to do this and really you should have some help with postage costs. Prices have gone up here too.

  6. have no prolems with paying postage…..

    …missed this weeks MM :>(

  7. I think it’s only fair to ask people to pay postage. I feel bad about the $60! Wow! It’s nice to give things a new and good home, but not when it costs you so much! I will be sending you some ‘postage’ soon! Thank you for your generosity!!!

  8. I can’t imagine NOT paying postage! There have been several things you have given away that I would have bought! They are bargains anyway you look at it!

  9. I can certainly relate. Yesterday I mailed out the 5 patterns I gave away. The total postage came to just over $23! That included one package over $10 to the Netherlands. I loved giving these patterns away and knew there would be postage costs – did know how much! And now I have 19 more to mail out. At least these are smaller and lighter. And I’ve not counted the cost of the envelopes to mail them out in!

  10. I’d be hapy to pay-the things you have offered are really worth it. Count me in!

  11. Hi!

    I can’t imagine anyone who would object to postage.
    I vote everyone who win pays postage, international and domestic.


  12. This is something I’ve considered, too. I haven’t spent anything like what you have (smaller items sent, nothing cost more than about $5 so far) but I am going to list a couple of books this week & I’m thinking I’ll have to say UK only or ask for postage. But I’d be cool paying postage on something if I won it, so I think that’s fair enough.

  13. I plan to send you money for the shipping of my item. I understand how it can get pricy!

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