Posted by: Toni | October 4, 2007

Toni’s Home Shopping Network

well, I have spent about $30+ on shipping costs for Manic Mondays Offerings – but I really have gained a lot more space in storage, so again thank you all for playing along.

To further aid in storage spacing and money for future Manic Offerings, here are a few things I would prefer some cash value on. I will take money orders or paypal. I do ask for $5.00 US extra for shipping. Shipping is the same for overseas of state side.

Keep in mind these fabrics run about $8.25/yard, jelly rolls are about $30 and charm packs are $15. So, I hope these don’t appear overpriced.

SOLD:2 yards of black Quilting Treasure’s line Jacobean Rhapsody Fabric Collection. Not washed. Price: $5.00

SOLD:From the Dick & Jane line, 8 fat quarters. Not washed. Price: $10.00

Dick & Jane Quilt Kit. This is the free pattern from Michael Millers Fabric and I had to picked a few different prints to make it work, but there is enough fabric here to complete the pattern (which I will also include). No washed or pre-cut. Total fabric is over 5 yards. Price: $50.00

Moda’s Sanctuary Fabric line. I really really LOVE this set, but I honestly can’t find time to do it, so with a heavy heart I’m selling it. Including in this lot will be 12 blocks from this past Spring’s online Block Party, also a jelly roll and 2 charm packs that include the entire line. There is no finishing kit for the blocks, but all directions are included for each block. The jelly roll and charm packs I bought to aid in its construction. Not washed. Price: $90.00

I might offer more if these items sell, just testing the water out here. If you are interested, comment and I’ll email you the details for payment.




  1. I am sorry I missed the black jocabean fabric. I guess that is what happens when I sleep. I was going to let you know this morning I was interested but didn’t. i certaily will learn. Thanks for offering these great buys.

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