Posted by: Toni | October 1, 2007

Monday Random Thoughts. . .

Bullet style listing – because it’s too early to go into deep details.

1. Finished a dear jane block!
2. Traded my Mega Quilter up for a 870Quilt Sapphire
3. October is Breast Cancer (and a few various other cancer) Awareness Month – you can still send 12.5 blocks to my shop for Quilt Pink until Oct 31st.
4. Ya know, I’m a idiot some days….drove all the way out to Chantilly on Sunday to see the Sewing Expo….only to realize it wasn’t happening on Sunday. (though ended up spending a beautiful day with friends in Ole Town Alexandra, VA).
5. Just noticed, this is my 101 post – WOW! That was easy to accomplish!
6. I’ve been tagged by Subee from Pieces of Time with this honor:

It’s a GOOD THING to make people smile; everyone should do it every day. Multiple times! There comes a stipulation tho, (isn’t there always?) that we do a meme using the letters of our name to describe ourselves.

T – Thoughtful
O – Outgoing
N – Nerdy
I – Ingenious

I’m not good at tagging others, but here’s a few blogs I truly enjoy reading daily (or as often as they can post 🙂
A Peach In Stitches
Nicki’s Ventures
Cindy’s Creations
Quilting Is My Passion

7. Manic Monday is coming up….stay tuned…



  1. That new machine is beautiful…..congratulations!

  2. Awww… I am honored to be on your list (and in the #1 spot too!!) Thanks for the recognition!!!

  3. Thanks so much for nominating me – I too am honored! I’ve been planning to play all week but got bogged down with the postings for the pattern drawings. I’ll play tomorrow – I promise!

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