Posted by: Toni | September 25, 2007

Manic Monday – a day late

Previous winners (including this week’s) note: I’m mailing out all your winnings tomorrow, so expect a weird package from Maryland over the next week!!

Here are last week’s winners:

chook – winner of the Bible Blocks
swooze – winner of the Hawaiian Blocks

Congrats to both of you…I’ve send emails to each of the winners, be sure to respond, please.

Here are this weeks’ offerings. Rules are below the offerings (because I know you all just want to see what I have first!)

Offering #1 – Redwork Sunbonnet Sues

These again are from a swap. They are all done by machine and are squared up at 5.5″ with a 10.5 unfinished block size pattern. There are 12 blocks, one is done already into a block. Included is fabric to complete a layout I had designed just for them, so there will be a pattern in this group as well as enough Thangles (because I started them) to complete the layout. The fabric is a 30’s reproduction and enough to do the entire top.

Offering #2 – Jelly Roll w/pattern

I did a month club where you got a Jelly Roll and a pattern….well I’ve completed one top out of 4 months, so I stopped the program and this one needs a good home to go to.


1. This is free to any good home. I don’t want or need anything in return, but if you feel the need just read my interest post to get ideas.

2. All items are “used”, as in I have either started work on them or pre-washed. Some things might still be in original packaging, but most will not be.

3. All items are stored in a plastic bag in a non-smoker home. I do have cats, so if you are allergic, please be aware to wash items before handling.

4. All items are “as is”.

5. I must be able to “reply” to your comments. All you need to do is under your profile, edit, show email address. You can’t win if I can’t contact you.

6. I will place all commenters from this post in a bowl and have my youngest daughter pick out winners. All drawings will happen on Sunday, winner announced on the following week’s Manic Monday post.

7. If a week as 2 offerings, I will do two drawings. If you do not want to be in both, please state so in your comment.

8. If there are no takers, I will repost the previous week’s ufo until it has a home to go to. The purpose of this is to share and move this stuff out of my house ๐Ÿ˜€

9. You can comment twice, once for yourself and once for a friend (whom might not blog). So, even if you don’t like these offerings, you might know someone who will!

10. Please comment!! Needed a number 10 just to even the list out ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. Hi,

    I would love the jelly roll and pattern. I have a perfect border fabric to go with it.

    This is so much fun to see what you have each week.


  2. Put me in for both!! I love the redwork and who doesn’t want fabric???

  3. Please put me in both. I too love Sunbonnet Sue and am quickly becoming addicted to jelly rolls.

  4. this is so nice of you, I would love to have the jelly roll and the pattern…looks fun to make.

  5. Please can you enter me in the draw for the jelly roll. It looks like such fun to work with the precut strips all co-ordinated. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love both. You are so kind doing this. A pre cut jelly roll would be very nice now when I can’t do any cutting because of my bad arm.

  7. And can I please put a comment from my DD. She have started to sew a little bit and that jelly roll would be a nice contribution to her fabrics. And those colours is soooo her.

  8. Maybe third time is the charm………the sunbonnet redwork is wonderful! Sign me up for both!

    Are you sure you don’t want some help with postage costs? I would be willing!

    Crossing my fingers here, Norma

  9. Wow 2 chances to win such beautiful offerings! Just love reading what you are up to!

  10. Can I add my name to the pot for a second chance…my daughter age 13 is just started quilting and she’d love either of these projects.

  11. I’ve been lurking for the last two weeks, but now it’s time to jump in! I would love to be entered for the jelly roll and pattern.

    This is fun!

  12. I too have been a lurker. What a great way to lighten your UFO’s! Please put me in both of your drawings. Thanks!

  13. I love the two presents you are offering. How generous of you. If it is not too late I would like to be in the two drawings. Take care.

  14. OMG – me,me,me !! LOL !! Please enter me for both draws ! You are very generous.

  15. I’ll go angain for either. This is certainly fun. Dot

  16. Thank you so much for the blocks I cant wait to play with them Hugs Beth

  17. Hi can I put my Dd in for the giveaway she is 9 and has just made her first quilt to this past weekend very proud mummy here.
    Hugs Beth

  18. This is so nice of you.
    Can you please put me in for the jelly roll draw.

  19. You can sign me up for both. Redwork/embroidery is my new hobby. I have yet to purchase my first Jelly Roll. You could save me some money.

  20. Please put me down for jellyroll and pattern!


  21. This is such a great idea. I think I will do something lke this with my friends. We all need to clean out some. I would be thrilled with either since I am very into redwork and have been wanting to do the pattern with the jellyrolls. Thanks Anna

  22. am I too late for the draw?

    would love either MM giftie….

  23. (don’t put me in the draw for either, I have enough of my own UFo’s to do) LOL
    But I just wanted to say what a great way of getting some of those projects you do not want anymore. I am sure the winners will love them, and make wonderful quilts out of them. I hope we can see the finished products at some stage too!

  24. Ooooh, love the jelly roll and pattern. No so sure about the sunbonnet sues — so just the jelly roll draw please (they’re lovely, but I have the feeling I’d be giving them away as well).

  25. oooo. Count me in

  26. Count me in on this weeks draw if I’m not too late:))

  27. Pick me Pick me PLEASE!!!!

    I just gotta have that jelly roll and pattern….I PROMISE to make a beautimous quilt with it (I have a serious jelly roll and charm pack addiction – LOL)

  28. Now Toni – it’s ok to copy my idea for a giveaway, but you weren’t supposed to copy the part where I forgot it was Monday and posted the giveaway on Tuesday… Anyway, can I be in for the jellyroll, please? Looks lovely. Oh, and you should be getting a little parcel from me soon from my pay it forward…

  29. Oh, I would love to have a chance for both of these give-aways. Love the redwork and have never had a jelly roll.

  30. Would love to be in the draw for the jelly roll and pattern. Count me in, Please.

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