Posted by: Toni | September 21, 2007

Friday Five

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This week’s theme is unusual, and might not be to everyone’s taste is doing: State of Mind

1. Do you find times where you just don’t feel “into quilting”?
2. Is there a season that you tend to be more quilty?
3. How do you pull yourself out of a funk?
4. Do you find that quilting is good therapy when you are down?
5. Are there times when quilting is a wee bit consuming in your life?

My Answers

1. Yep.
2. Not really, but if I picked one season the most I quilt in, it would be winter.
3. I’m trying to figure that part out, hence the Friday Five questions :D. I think the best way for me is to find something related to quilting to keep me “into the mood”. (like designing a quilt, reading a magazine, shopping 🙂
4. Oh yes. When I need a serious distraction from stress that is out of my control, I turn to quilting. I use to clean when stressed, LOL not no more.
5. LOL, ummm yes. There are weeks where all the days revolve around quilting to get a project done.


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