Posted by: Toni | September 19, 2007

one of my favorite days of the year. . .

this might be a bit difficult t’ read or understand, but if ye put yer swashbuckler hats on, ye might jus’ get ‘t!

`Tis another tide off an’ I be about t’ take th’ plunge into some projects. I be designin’ a wall quilt fer a matey an’ a baby quilt fer another.

Nay t’ mention I be in th’ process o’ tradin’ in me Mega Quilter. Sadly, I be havin’ come t’ th’ fact that I be a piecer, nay a quilter. Since I be havin’ done that, ‘t take a burden off o’ tryin’ t’ finish quiltin’ so many tops that be way t’ big t’ do in me machine! So, I be breakin’ down th’ frame an’ plannin’ on tradin’ up into a newest an’ fancier machine.

Need t’ finish up some swaps I be doin’ on Swap-Bot (man be that place addictin’ & fun) an’ also catch up on some tv shows I be havin’ dvr`ed o’er th’ past wee tides.

Gotta get me aft into gear….I haven`t posted any quilty pictures in a while – havin’ withdrawals.

If you want to talk like a pirate for the day, visit this translator: or the main site for TLAPD:



  1. I be nay much o’ a quilter myself unless I do ‘t by hand, but I do love piecing. Happy talk like a pirate Day me hearty LOL

  2. I think you said you are going to get a new quilting machine and frame. You seem to enjoy doing the quilting by machine. Have you thought about going into business for yourself? I know I would ship my quilts to you.

  3. Happy belated talk like a pirate day!

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