Posted by: Toni | September 6, 2007

Strange week . . .

there was a fire in downtown Mt. Airy, Maryland Sunday morning that just kinda set the mood for the whole week. It was in the 200 block of Main Street….which is one block next door to where my LQS is located…the one I work at.

I heard the information on the news at 7:30 am and by 9 I had called the owner making sure she was aware. It was a 4 alarm fire with 100 firemen getting it under control after 7 hours. 5 families were displayed and 6 businesses closed. It’s very tragic for this little town, but the hearts of the people will rebuild quickly.

So, when I went to work on Tuesday (we were closed Monday) went down to look at what was left….it’s human curiosity ya know, to see destruction to feel the reality of it all.

All day customers were calling to be sure Patches was ok and if there was something we can do for the businesses and families displaced.

So, the past few days are hazing and kinda just makes you aware again how quickly life can change.



  1. What a terrible loss. I read the article. So glad you’re alright and the business survived. The article didn’t say but it sounds like everyone got out alive. How terrible for the families & businesses to lose everything like that. Now comes the clean-up-yuk

  2. Especially, considering that I was just there on Saturday….

  3. Oh so sorry for everyone affected! You never expect tragedy like that to happen in your own home town, do you? I am guessing there will be quilts donated to those who need them.

  4. I’m so glad your LQS was spared but feel terrible for the families and other business that were not spared. If there is a need for blocks for quilts, let me know.

  5. So scary how fast that can happen, and so surreal. It always seems like it’s not really happening here, now.
    I’m glad everyone is OK except for being traumatized.

  6. That is such terrible news. I’m glad to hear you and your LQS are all ok, but feel terrible for the families affected.

  7. Having had a kitchen fire that took months out of our life, my heart is with anyone affected by this. It happens so fast and does so much damage. Glad though that everyone was ok.

  8. I’m so glad you are alright. It’s terrible for all the people who were affected. My thoughts go out to them all and I hope the town pulls together to help them.

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