Posted by: Toni | August 24, 2007

Friday Five

This week’s theme: Computering

Don’t forget to share you answers here and in your own blog! 😀

1. Do you own/use any computer programs just for quilting?
2. Which ones?
3. Do you use the internet for tutorials?
4. What other communities do you participate in that involves quilting?
5. What is your favorite website for quilting?

My Answers

1. Yes!!
2. I use EQ6, the most. I also have the Dear Jane program from EQ, The Foundation Factory (all), Sew Precise (all) –last two are paper piecing pattern programs.
3. Yes. I am mostly self taught and I have seen some great tutorials out there done by regular people (verses professionals in the business).
4. I am apart of several yahoo groups – The Quilting Post and Quilting Corner Club, Nickel Quilts, and Stash Busters. I also bounce around through verses other forums.
5. I visit soo many, but I guess the one I visit the most is:



  1. Hi Toni. I’ve tagged you today – the details are on my blog!

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