Posted by: Toni | August 21, 2007


How many do you do at a time? Do you set yourself a limit? When you do swaps is your goal to use stuff you have on hand or spend money to get more stuff? Do you prefer swaps that has a finished project (verses blocks swaps)?

I see more and more swaps that look fun but I have personally decided to hold up on swaps…a little (it really depends on due date times). So, here’s my update on swaps I’m currently signed up for:

The Stitchery Swap – due Sept 1st
The Four Season Swap – due Sept 30th
Halloween Block Swap (through The Quilting Post)- due October 1st
Halloween Treat Swap ( – October 17th
Secret Santa Swap – December 1st
Pay It Forward Items I want to get done by December.

Granted I’m almost done with the top two swaps and hopefully will mail them out end of this week. With kids going to school in a week, I think I can get more things done around my sewing area.



  1. This year I have only joine the pincushion exchange which I was very satisfied with. And now the secret santa. When my arm is doing better, I probably want to joing some more swaps. And I prefer finished things rather than blocks.

  2. I prefer finished things. I joined the stitchery swap and the 4 seasons swap. I stressed about them both! Not sure I will do another for a while. Great job getting your 4 seasons almost done. I am cutting freezer paper for mine if that tells you anything! I better get moving!

  3. I have done one swap and a few block lottos, but the problem is that it can be hard to put together a bunch of blocks made by different people. I think a swap of finished things would be fun.

  4. I have come to terms with the fact that I am way overextended and need to limit my swap participation. I love doing swaps but right now I’m in 4 round robins (a couple of them are nearly finished), an applique swap, the stitchery swap, and a secret sister program. I’m sure that I’ll also join a couple guild swaps this coming year as well.

    I;m just a sucker for a good swap….LOL….Oh I forgot about the stocking exchange I do every year as well….LOL

    I really need to learn to Just Say No to swaps….LOL

    And yes, I try to use swaps as an outlet to try new techniques and blocks without committing to an entire quilt right off. Then if I like the block/technique I think more seriously about starting another UFO LOL

  5. Hi this is mandy from swap-bot, i just wanted to say i love your blog. I have just started quliting.

    My new swap rule is no more the 3 a month (due to budget) and there must be 2 weeks between sign up and send dates πŸ™‚

  6. I definately prefer finished items swaps – or just fabric swaps – never been to interested in block swaps…

  7. I don’t know how anyone can do more than one or two swaps at a time! πŸ™‚ I’ve only done a few, so maybe I just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.

    Your quilting is beautiful! I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog.

  8. The first year I was quilting I joined in lots of swaps and was quickly overwhelmed. Since then I’ve learned I like to swap completed items, fat quarter swaps or nickel charm square swaps. I will do siggie block swaps if the group of people doing it is an eclectic group. I also have to check my calendar carefully to make sure I have to make the project if it’s a completed item swap.

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