Posted by: Toni | August 17, 2007

I love getting mail!!

That is why I have signed up for swaps – I just love getting fun mail verses another credit card applications & bills….

So, I joined a few swaps over at and have had some wonderful partners mail me things. This swap was only $5 and perfect for newbies to sign up and test run swapping. One of my partners was from England and the other from Detroit.

Then I got another package that just puzzled me….I had no clue why or what I was getting…til I opened it and found a WONDERFUL little wall quilt made by Bren for the Stitchery Swap. Again, thank you Bren, you did such a beautiful job:

It was definitely a great mail day!!!

Just a few more pictures to share. We got the Paris Cats in browns last week in the shop and I immediately fell in love with them and begged (and paid) a fellow co-worker to whip me up a Swing Bag by Anne Butler.

And finally a picture of the sun setting yesterday. I do enjoy the sun setting over the hills and fields where I live. It was so hazy you could watch it without hurting your eyes:

I think I’ve overloaded you all on pictures this week…almost time for bed.



  1. I am so glad you liked it. I read your list of favorite things which you posted the DAY I mailed it out. I thought “Oh Crap!” I could have done something so much more personal. Well you were thought of with each stitch!

  2. I have to agree, getting nice mail definitely beats getting bills. If you would like another swap partner, we could swap fabric? I have some great African prints I can show you and then you can decide.

    Can’t beat a good sunset – I love it when the sky is red as the sun goes down.

    BTW The cat bag is gorgeous – Wow!

  3. You did have a wonderful mail call. Bren’s Stitchery Swap quilt is adorable.

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