Posted by: Toni | August 10, 2007

Friday Five

It’s Friday again! Please either post in your own blog or share your answers here in mine 😀

This week’s theme: Appliquéing

1. Do you appliqué?
2. What method do you prefer – machine or hand?
3. Are you self-taught or have you been to a class?
4. What kind of thread do you prefer using while appliquéing?
5. If you do hand work, what needles sizes/brand do you prefer?

My Answers

1. Yes – but not much.
2. Machine. I have done hand, but I’m impatient and prefer machine.
3. Self-taught. I have taken patterns that really teach me step by step with using fusible webbing to lay down pattern pieces and machine stitch them.
4. For machine appliqu̩ing, I like to use poly blends because it accents my pieces better and prettier Рespecially with variegated thread.
5. I like straw needles the best, best they are long and thin and I prefer a size 9.



  1. Oh wow this is such a good question for me… Yes, I applique but not as much as I’d like. – I like the tadah moment & that comes so much more quickly with piecing…
    Once upon a time ago, I was a hand applique snob – see the above answer & extrapolate what I do now…
    My very first quilting class was with karen Kay Buckley – it was an applique class. I did not even know how to keep my needle on top – in my previous life I was a cross stitcher. Mettler cotton – I hate silk… No idea the needle size – long & skinny – I use that kind of needle for hand quilting too. :o)

  2. I usethe freezer paper method and sometimes the fusible method. I don’t do nearly as much as I used to because my hands have a touch of arthritis and it hurts sometimes. I am very un-orthodox about applique since I taught myself and because of the hand pain I use a long needle called a milliners #10. It’s easier for me to get a grip on. I like using glazed quilting thread or Mettler cotton. I have never used the machine-something which I need to spend some time learning.

  3. I really like the look of applique, but just have not been able to get into doing it. I’ve tried both hand applique and machine. I’m sure I’ll try again…

  4. Yes, I applique, but not very often as I really don’t enjoy either hand or machine…have tried all the different methods…taken several classes. Prefer silk thread and have no favorite needle. Probably the thing that keeps me from lots of applique is just time when I am sitting still…Just finished a five block quilt that took several years…will be posted later this week end on

  5. absolutely will not applique by hand any more. I do not have the patience. (weird though I love to hand quilt, hum?)
    SO by machine is the only way for me. I am not too picky about thread types or brands, just from experience though I won’t use old thread.

  6. I do applique. I really enjoy appliquing. I have tried all the different methods – having taken a few courses. Starting with the freezer paper and eventually learning the needle turn method. My favourite is needle turn – so little prep work required. I use the #11 or 10 Milliner needles. I use the Aurifil thread. And most of all — finished is better than perfect :))

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