Posted by: Toni | July 13, 2007

Friday Five

Normally, when I do these I can easily pick a theme based on my quilting projects throughout the week. This week I’m actually pretty clueless to a theme. Oh wait, I got one!

This week’s theme: Color Choices

1. Do you notice yourself choosing light, medium, or darker tones the most?
2. Which specific color group do you tend to gravitate towards?
3. What colors/themes/genres fabrics do you consider “outside your comfort zone”?
4. Do you notice, over time, your color choices change?
5. Do you ever purchase fabric out side your comfort zone?

My Answers



  1. 1. I tend to use mostly mediums.

    2. Based on my stash I’d have to say pink and green. Lately I’ve been drawn to orange for reasons I don’t understand.

    3. I don’t tend to use reds or blues alot so lately I’ve been making myself use them to use up some of the stash. I don’t usually use white backgrounds or big floral prints. But right now I’m working on a red, white, and blue quilt that is actually based on a block I saw here.

    4. Not really. I’m still drawn to bright, vibrant colors more than subdued. I still don’t like repros.

    5. I do buy some fabrics outside my zone if I need it for a project but mostly I buy what I like.

  2. 1. I switch around between pastels, mediums and darks.
    2. No question about it: I love to use reds and greens together.
    3. I don’t care for “brights”. No neon colors for me.
    4. I think various colors go in and out of style. Back in the 80’s I was using a lot of navy and burgundy for example.
    5. Only when I am making a gift for someone who loves colors I would never choose.

  3. I guess reading your answers saved my typing fingers — pretty much the same! I love brights/darks, find purple deeply appealing, don’t understand the fuss about Civil War fabrics, but in fact am using some to make a block for the outgoing guild president (they’re her favorite). In truth, I’ve found I like almost anything when used in the right way, I’m just not drawn to some things the way I am to others.

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