Posted by: Toni | July 12, 2007


I’m in a binding kinda frame of mind!

I finished binding on my Doll Swap (will be mailed tomorrow) and on my Wave The Colors. I also found a project that I haven’t finish 2 sides of the binding and finished it as well. I’m totally amazed how much I have learned about binding over the past year and very grateful for all the lessons. This last project’s binding is very embarrassing being I started it last summer. It’s a good thing the quilt is for me!

I have another table runner that needs the binding hand sewn down and will start that tomorrow night, but it’s late and I’m beat and I work tomorrow.

Did pop into work for a few hours, took care of some computer issues (I’m the geek ya know) and taught a beginner quilting class, then came home to watch Supernatural tv shows I had on my dvr and hand sew.

I have, of course pictures, but they will have to wait til tomorrow morning. OOOOO and hopefully I’ll get to meet Beth tomorrow – – – crosses fingers!

Oh, and I still would enjoy a few takers on my Pay It Forward post.


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