Posted by: Toni | July 9, 2007

Oh yeah….no title thingy not working here in Blogger land – – – and I had a great subject title to draw everyone in….oh well….

I had an epiphany yesterday, like a bright light popped outside my head when I realized it. It’s time to take a step back. As I looked around my rather large sewing area in disgust with how trashed it is, I realized I just can’t focus on any one project and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. So, for this week and maybe next, my focus is CLEANING UP! I’m even considering rearranging furniture and purchasing some new things to aid in my organization.

I’m too embarrassed to take pictures of the area right now, but once everything is picked up, then I will as I start moving things around.

I do have a few projects that I will still make the time to complete, mainly because of swap due dates and the 99% completion factor. I figured I could do 90 minutes a day dedicated to their processes: Doll Swap Quilt, LJ BOM top, and my Row by Row Swap.

Now I’m awake and have an hour to burn before work, I’m going to draw out my cleaning plan on paper and stick to it!



  1. I love the feeling of cleaning up my craft space and getting it all organized and ready to mess up again.

  2. When you get done, if you still have that urge, you could come over and do mine! Yesterday I had time to sew but the room was such a mess I would have had to make space and it was too much effort! So, need to go get with it!

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