Posted by: Toni | July 5, 2007

I think, I’m caught up….

I have spent a lot of time today trying to catch up on my blog readings…I’m a week behind….so if I missed something, please don’t take it personally. Just so much to read to catch up and so I didn’t respond to all the new blog posts there was out there. You know it’s an addiction right? 😀

I did accomplish a few things today. Finished quilting and adding the binding (ready to hand sew it down) to my Wave Our Colors table runner – – very happy with the end results. Then I started one project and got bored with it, did one row and then switched project to something else and tested out the block and just love the results. I’ll post pictures soon, I think I posted enough for today.

Tomorrow is work and hopefully I’ll have our shop’s newsletter out and the website updated and maybe I can take off Saturday – – maybe?!

Off to read The Other Boleyn Girl again. Trying to reread it so I can remember it when the movie of the book comes out in December!



  1. I agree – I have only been offline for four days and I had over 300 posts to read. let alone post several things for me (yet to come).

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