Posted by: Toni | July 3, 2007

Quilt Shop Reviews. . .

Let’s see, where to start….we visited friends in Newport News this past week and on the way day, I was able to convince the hubby to make at least one stop into a new quilt shop. Of course it was the one off the beaten path, but relatively easy enough to find.

Chesapeake Bay Quilting – I didn’t think to take a picture, but this is the shop I spent the most, mainly because I did know what I needed and lots of items were on sale. I got Ricky Tim’s Convergence Quilt book at 60% off! And I got two little squares at 10% off, one Creative Grid 4.5″ (I LOVE Creative Grids and slowly am replacing my rulers with them) and 3.5″ Omnigrip Square–never seen a 3.5″ and it’s non-slip too. I got a couple 1/2 yards of sale fabric to give away to friends and got some black TOT for a swap I’m doing. I also got 3 paper piecing patterns (not in the picture) – to basically show my boss to get the brand into our shop. I saved over $35!

Ok, why I most likely won’t visit again is because one of the regular staff members, seemed to be a bit verbal about some local shop drama between 2 shops – – – both shops that participate in the Shop Hop my shop participates in. I was very disappointed on how she handled herself and for the first time, I didn’t share the fact that I worked at Patches. Sad, it’s a nice shop with a good selection. Not huge by any means, but nice. It’s out of my way (about 80 minutes) so really doubt I would ever make the effort to visit it again, unless there was a specific need.

Continuing on our way down to Newport News, we passed by Material Girls – which I would love to visit because I have been working with one of the gals via phone on our Shop Hop with, but time was short, it was on the other side of the road and unfortunately it was closed when we came home.

We found in Gloucester, VA Love 2 Quilt on our way down – which I discovered was only 45 minutes away from where we were staying. Friday was my shop hopping day. I visited the shop that was across the street from where we were staying and went back to Gloucester to Love 2 Quilt. Then on Saturday, did a quick run to see the Olde Hampton Quilt Shop. On to my reviews.

Nancy’s Calico Patch – I love this shop. Large selection of every fabric genre. They have a large room for all the sewing machines – which impressed me. Nice selection of books and patterns. I loved the precut 1/2 yards and 1 yards they have and the fact they have fat eighths precut was wonderful. I did pick up several new civil war prints, in fat eighths and 2 books that were on sale as well. They were friendly, knowledgeable and convenient to get too. I really really liked this store. I also got some fabric to make christmas gifts with that are not in the picture.

Love 2 Quilt – Very quaint shop. Not a large selection of books or patterns, but I felt very comfortable here. I really appreciate good service and they were always checking up on me and talking to me. Their fabric selection was done more in colors then by lines/genres of fabrics. The did separate their batiks and new christmas lines, but all the rest was sorted by colors. Not a big shop, but if you are willing to take your time and look through every color for a specific fabric, it is worth the visit. They have a second shop in Williamsburg, that is supposedly bigger and holds oriental fabric (which this shop did not carry, due to lack of interest). I plan to visit the second shop next time down in the area. Also, got a pattern that is not pictured.

Olde Hampton Quilt Shop (They don’t have a web page. They can be found at:47 East Queens Way, Hampton, VA 23669, 757.722.5014) – I will never visit this shop again. While I’m very impressed by the owner’s creativity with making pirate themed quilts, her lack of customer service leaves a lot to be desired. The shop has less than 300 bolts, I would bet to say, less than 100 – I’m being generous. It’s a room that is about 15′ x 23′ and while it seems that her main business by be by classes and selling her own quilts, it is definitely not from stocked items. And as I quote her “you will never see a 30’s print fabric here”, because she doesn’t like them. Ok, that is cool and all being it is your shop, but to stated it and show your true feelings of disgust with 30’s print, again not too customer friendly. Her attitude was she knew it all and when I suggested a line of pirate fabric that wasn’t childish and was a quilt quality store brand she denied it and realized I was very familiar with fabric (no I did not mention my employment) and turned to talk to my friend the rest of the time we stood there. She was rude and talked too much. Maybe we caught her on a bad day, but her personality wasn’t very professional and to me it seemed that this shop was more based on her desire to just quilt not to draw customers. Apparently she does a pirate quilt every year to celebration Black Beard Festival in town, that is the only shining thing in my opinion she and her shop has going for her. Even the civil war prints (which was at least 50% of her limited
bolts) are not worth my time to visit her shop again. I refused to buy anything there, but I did take home a free purple pen with her shop’s info on it!

I did enjoy my mini shop hop last week. Even picked up a book from Nancy’s Calico that will help me document my shops visited. I think I need to work on my reviewing process so it’s not soo bais, maybe create a questionaire or something.



  1. The shop you visited, I have only been to once, the year I did the whole quilt shop hop @2000-1.

    The only real reason why I have not been back is that I do not get to that area – at all.

    With that said, when you go to Material Girls, let me know – that is one that I would like to visit IRL – I have shopped in their booths at local quilt shows.

  2. I will agree with you 100% about CBQ. I went there on the shop hop a few years ago and the one and only reason I would go back would be for the shop hop to get my card stamped. I too found them very unfriendly and “snobbish” and I was there in the midst of the Quilter’s Quest which is when they should have their best foot forward.

    Material Girls is certainly a must visit. I want to go back and visit again, but have not had the chance as it is a pretty long drive for me. The shop is full of great fabrics and the lighting there is superb.

    I have not been to the other shops you mentioned. When I went to the Hampton show I just did the show, not the local shops, maybe next time.

    Let me know if you plan to go to Material Girls, I might make the trek to meet up with you 🙂

  3. Thanks for the reviews. I need to schedule a visit to see my grandson in Suffolk so I’ll take your recommendations for some shop hopping.

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