Posted by: Toni | June 24, 2007

Feeling pretty good right now. . .

had the most wonderful time with very good friends this afternoon, sharing in something so special and bonding with friends. I think Kevin (husband) and I were the only ones that didn’t recite things back….it was a catholic baptism.

Here’s a story of a quilt that should have only taken a few weeks to complete, but ended up taking 10 months . . . I kinda figured I would give it to him for his first birthday, since I didn’t make it in time for his birth! lol

The ducks and the backing are all flannel, so I skipped on the batting – which I have learned would have really help with putting the binding on (so my stitches wouldn’t go through to the front). It was 45″ x 54″ finished. The label I had to cheat on due to time, with using Steam A Seam. But it should hold and I will tell the mom just needs to be tacked down from time to time.

You can click on the images during the slide show to see them larger.

Positive is another dear friend is pregnant and she only 3 months along…I should be able to get their quilt done, a lot sooner LOL

I’m off to add borders to my Wave Our Colors.



  1. Great finish! I’m famous for giving wedding quilts on third anniversaries, so in my book you were verrry timely 🙂 And the quilt is verrry adorable too – what’s the next baby getting?!?

  2. This duckie quilt is so cute. You have done a fantastic job!

  3. Thank you!

  4. Lovely, ducky quilt! I ought to consider making something similar for my little one. She is absolutely in love with anything ducks.

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