Posted by: Toni | June 21, 2007

More progress….

and I realize why I don’t tend to complete too many quilts by myself….binding takes just as long to make and put on a quilt!! But I did it for 2 quilts today.

First quilt was one my grandmother made and never finished. I finally (with the aid of my color talented coworkers) picked out a binding and made it up today and put it on the edge. Just need to hand whip it up!

Then I finished sewing up my “Wave Our Colors” and now need to pick out some fabric for backing and binding at work tomorrow:

Then I sewed on the binding for the baby quilt and created a label. Made another drink – – I just love the colors in it.

And finished my 2 day run of Lord of the Rings Triology—the extended versions. Man, I still end up bawling at the end! Not like I haven’t seen it a gazillion times. I enjoy watching all 3 when I’m focusing on sewing. I have several trilogies I watch while sewing.

Final picture of the day, my quilt inspector pooped out…Ms. Glory.



  1. Poor putty tat, looks so sleepy… My onw cat crawled up into my lap last night while I was trying to sew – I took that as a hint.

  2. Woo-hoo — what a good day! But I have to ask; did your quilt inspector imbibe in the very pretty drink? LOL–
    Can I copy that little flag quilt? I like that alot!
    Binding is the best part – I think I finish just so I can do bindings.

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