Posted by: Toni | June 20, 2007

Woooo HOooooo!

Yah for productive-ness….let’s see, first I cleared/picked up a LARGE area in my sewing area. You can now walk on the flower verses other stuff 😀

Then, I set up my mega quilter and was SUCCESSFUL!!!!! It works wonderfully now – I’m a third way done with my charity quilt for Project Linus. Granted I still need LOTS of practice on it, but I’m very very happy!

Next, I pinned basted my baby quilt that needs to be done to present on Sunday. Finished all the quilting and started making the binding to add on tomorrow. It’s 42″ x 52″ and I quilted it on my feather weight

In between I took a break and made a new drink – doesn’t it look pretty – orange and pineapple juice, blueberry liquor (home brew) and a dash of banana schapps. mmmmmm…

Then I squared up my blocks for my civil war print project and hope to have the top sewn tomorrow.

What a groovy day!….not to mention I washed and changed my bedding too 😀



  1. I think I’m a wee bit jealous — yes, in fact I am!! What a great day, congratulations!

  2. Wow it all looks great! I love the red white and blue especially. Tell us more about quilting on a feather weight…do you have a walking foot for it??

  3. YAY!!! I’m so glad that you didn’t give up on the Mega Quilter and that you are making good progress with it 🙂

    The baby quilt looks great as does the CW project..

    Your new drink is right up my alley….Better watch out, I may show up one day asking for one….LOL

  4. Your repro quilt is BEAUTIFUL!! I really really like it.

  5. Thanks Marisa! I’m not a repo fan, but I have lots from doing my Dear Jane quilt and so I might end up selling this.

  6. Love the civil war one. I have an idea floating around in my head for a patriotic quilt too. This is very inspiring.

  7. Thanks Mama! I actually got this from a pattern. It only comes out to 33″ x 16″ and I am considering making it longer to look nicer on a table!

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