Posted by: Toni | June 12, 2007

My weekend…

well my BOM group wasn’t as big as I’d hope, but maybe some more marketing, we can pick up a few more new people for next month!

I did pick up some fabric to put my BOM from Live Journal on point. Talk about a challenge—-yessshhhh. I will say though it was so much fun to do and the fabric we picked is a Jinny Beyer and something I would never use. I’ll take pictures and post later. I’m very tickled how it is turning out. There is still one more block to do, but I hope to have the rest of the top completed this week.

Also started sewing on a few charity quilt tops I was given during my retreat in May. Easy to whip up, just need to iron them out and send them on to their next destination.

I’m very excited, because I’m back to having Wed & Thursday off this week, which means I can get more sewing done – and catch up on some house duties.

I truly love my job, but it’s been so hard to find time to catch up on normal things.

Went to BJ’s Club last night and restocked my chocolate stash – – need peanut m&m’s when I’m stressed while sewing 😀

Off to work for today! I think I’ll be doing more updating on the website. We want to be live online by end of year.



  1. Is Friday part of the weekend? (I have to wait for the Maytag repairman, my husband has to go to the DMV – hopefully those will happen at the same time, & we pick up our new bicycles on Friday… So I can not be exact with timing & after the bicycle expense, my husband may be less than happy with visiting a quilt shop…)

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