Posted by: Toni | June 7, 2007

Stashbuster TOTW

Are you a hand, machine or send out to be quilted quilter?

I don’t do hand work, I’m too impatient. Really depends on the quilt/project and size. While I do own a mega quilter to quilt bigger quilts, I haven’t figured it out and might trade it back in. I do most quilting on my wall/lap size quilts and send out others.



  1. I completely hand quilted my very first quilt. A queen sized sampler that I started in 1993. I finished it in 2006 :)) So now I just hand quilt the smaller items.

    I am now working on a Dear Jane and I really think that I should hand quilt it. So my goat there is to have it finished by 2016!!

  2. I have done both–never sent any out but I am highly considering it. I love to piece and create, I’m not so keen as of yet to quilt. I’ve made tons of quilts, machine quilted most of them but I am never happy with my quilting. I’m working on learning free motion quilting, maybe that’ll be better!

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