Posted by: Toni | May 30, 2007

New UFO completion system . . .

I have decided to make my UFO’s more accessible than a excel worksheet. The worksheet is excellent for a quick glance and for see an over all picture, but I realize I still forget about projects and I kinda feel overwhelm when I look at the spreadsheet and realize I have TOOO much to do.

So, I’ll keep updating the spreadsheet, but also going to start using index cards for each project. Color code my UFO’s by the 2 lists I have. Write down things on the cards as I do a project or if I need supplies. Pick up some monthly tabs so I can have more a visual idea of goals for each month.

Once I have everything done up, I’ll take pictures. I’m actually more excited now that I have a new tool to aid in clearing up my UFO’s and stash….still a lot of work to do!



  1. Sounds like a good idea to me. Lord knows I could use a good system. I usually leave mine on the design wall until my husband asks me what and when am I going to get motivated again.

    Like your pirate concept for your blog! We just saw Pirates III….complicated stuff, though.

    Welcome to the Quilt Studio ring!

  2. How many UFOs do you have? I understand feeling overwhelmed that is why I had to choose just 4 to concentrate on then add 1 as I completed one.

  3. LOL I have WAY TOO MANY UFO’s!! But honestly if I wasn’t a dedicated quilter, then I wouldn’t have enough. 😀

    I’ll post more UFO details shortly. I think I’ve finally got my lists organized! . . . I t h i n k . . . lol

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