Posted by: Toni | May 30, 2007

It’s Wednesday already?

Yesterday was a long day. First I worked from 10 – 7:30. Got home ate, preparing for normal evening routine……heard a loud BAM outside our home to discover a very bad motorcycle accident (he hit a turning car)….held the gal he hit until they took her out on a stretcher….came back into the house around 10:30, flashy lights finally went away by 11:35…after 4 hours of sleep, I’m very glad I have today off!

So, trying to find some calm in my world this morning, I’ve decided to forego any plan activities and remain home sewing today.

Going to give the quilting frame – one – more – try. Though I did send a charity top off in the mail yesterday to Cross Country Quilting see how well their services are. Their prices are very good and the turn around is the quickest I’ve found anywhere…3 weeks!

I know it’s not me and how I handle the machine – because I can use the demo model at the shop with no problem. It has to be the way I have it set up. So, I’ll play again today with it. Though my boss knows I’d rather just move on and upgrade to a Designer 1. 😀

Also have many projects to catch up on, so need to pick one and get sewing!


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