Posted by: Toni | May 26, 2007

I’m up!

The weekend is officially UFO Frenzy Day! I’m part of an online group to challenge us to get our UFO’s done this year. Well out of 46, I have completed 5 so far this year….I’m kinda failing miserably! Not to mention I have acquired additional 37 new projects since January. Time to step into gear!!

So, I joined this group back in January and monthly we have weekends dedicated to working on our UFO’s. Hence this weekend!

I have mainly concentrated on completed tops verses a whole project. In that way I feel a bit more accomplished. I have completed 9 tops from 2006’s UFO list!!

Now this weekend I’ll be organizing and trying to get a few charity tops done and also learning how to use my home quiting system.

By the end of the day, I will have tons of pictures to share. I love sharing pictures!

Off I go.



  1. I love your Dear Jane blocks! Can you tell me about your virtual Dear Jane group? I’d love to start this project and maybe a group would give me the “push” I need.

  2. It’s a community in Live Journal, call Dear Jane Quilt. Here’s the link.

    All we do is just post images and share our thoughts on blocks, but it is a good motivator to see blocks being done and getting tips on them.

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