Posted by: Toni | May 25, 2007

The First entry. . .

Just to give the readers a brief oversight on how this ledger came about.

I have been quilting on and off for over 15 years now. Over the past 8 years I have done many things, online groups and ventures with quilting. The result was overspending, over stocking supplies, projects and miscellious notions. So, as I have sorted through my life over the past 4 months I rediscovered my love and interest in this art form on a more “zen” level for me.

I started in June with a UFO list of over 50 items and removed ALL my stash out of my house (of course gave it to good causes). Now, my focus is to complete most of my UFO’s within the next year. It’s been easy to start, until I discovered my local port of call (aka quilting shop) only 10 minutes from me. I ended up doing classes and finding new fabric to play with.

I have now returned back to a more focus direction and trying to finish up my UFO’s and new projects.

The idea for this blog’s theme is my love for being a pirate. I think it’s a fantasy I love to throw caution to the wind and being blunt outside myself. I remember in 9th grade doing the Pirates of Pensance on stage and discovering The Pirate Movie (not a high quality flick, but one a lonely teenager loves to daydream too) started my pirating fantasies.

I discovered a new culture with Renaissance Faires and found a new home to play and dress up like a pirate! My home faire is Maryland, but I have visited and traveled to many other ports on the East Coast. I even now belong to a ship with a fun crew. It’s all for socializing with and meeting new people.

I decided to combine my too loves into this ledger. I was stuck by another quilter’s comment about most quilting blogs are “blah”, not humorous or too serious. So, my goal to you the reader it to chart my travels with a sense of pirate jargen and hopefully humor you along the way.

I will be moving some older/previous posts from my other quilting blog, so you can see my summer progress. They will be boring and dry, but it was the landlober in me that made me post those.

So, sit back enjoy and please be an active reader. I encourage suggestions, ideas, and praises. Comments are booty for use blogging pirates at heart.


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