Posted by: Toni | May 25, 2007

Posting fool today…

mainly because I’ve got so much to share and want to document it all! đŸ˜€

I added a “Fabric Buster” badge to my layout and so I need to put down the committment in writing.

I currently have about $200 worth of notion/fabric/patterns on layway at work (I work in a quilt shop – Patches Quilting) but after I take those items off next weekend – I’m going to abstain from purchasing new fabric and patterns. I want to completed at least 20 projects over the next 3 months (if not more). Items that are exception to this will be threads, fabric needed for backing/binding and batting – to finish up a top that I already have all the other fabric for.

I have updated my UFO lists as of last week. I have two lists now, because I am also taking part of a UFO Challenge (from The Quilting Post) which included ALL UFO items before Dec 31, 2006. I of course have started a new list for items I have collected since Janauary 2007.

So, this weekend will be filled with many things – I’m off from work for the next 3 days.

Here are my organization goals:
1. Review/update UFO lists and put in pdf format to show.
2. Take pictures of all UFO’s.
3. Update my webpages with all images and status details.
4. End of weekend again update webpage.

Quilting goals:
1. Practice, practice, practice using my home quilting system.
2. Complete quilting at least 2 quilts – most likely the Project Linus ones I have done.
3. Catch up on a few BOM’s I have going on.

I definitely have my work cut out for me.



  1. Welcome to the Stashbuster webring! Good luck on your UFO goals. I look forward to seeing your progress.

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